I’m a car guy at heart, I tinker with Diecast toy cars as well as the real thing. Real cars tend to take up a lot of space, cost more money, and take up way more time to restore than these die casts. 

My background is in automotive body and paint, which I did for close to 20 years. It all started when I bought my first car back in high school, it was a rusted and abandoned Porsche 914.

My current job is much less hands on and to get the wrenching, building, and creative modifications out of my system I started rebuilding cars of the smaller scale and I have decided to share my craft with the world.

You can find me on YouTube and the other usual Social Media outlets under Diecast_doktor

Currently I am in the process of getting quality content to you, being a one man show these things take time.

I search for, rebuild the cars, edit and publish the videos, manage this website, and do all of the social media campaigns, as well as I have a full time job and raise my family.

In my spare time I do like to ride my bikes……that’s bicycles not motorcycles…..not yet anyway but you never know what the future holds…….just don’t tell my wife.

I hope you enjoy my content which I am always fine tuning and improving for your viewing pleasure, that said I welcome your feedback as well as your thoughts of what you’d like to see in upcoming videos.

Thanks for visiting.

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